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"Loved the massage! I feel refreshed and alive. Not dwelling on pain or discomfort or problems. Peaceful in a way. I really liked the neck, head and breathing work. The foot session was without pain, soothing and quite wonderful. Thanks for coaching me on breathing."

~ David S.


"Thank you so much for the massage. You were the main reason my husband and I were able to do the tango at our wedding and we are both grateful." 

~ Tiffany N. 


"Thank you, Erika Monet for such a therapeutic massage today. Wow! (What that does on not just a physical level, but on a spiritual level as well.) It's so fun to be a front row witness of vocation and passion coming together!"

~ Stacey K.


"Nuff respect to Erika Monet; one of the best Massage Therapist in the Denver Metropolitan area. Thank you sister for all the healing you have provided to members of my Family over the years. Your willingness and genuine kindness makes your gift as a healer that much more special. We LOVE you, and we look forward to our next session. Many abundant blessings be upon you and your Family."

~ Namaste, Ellis D.


"Monet Massage Therapy is the best in the area, for sure! I've been with Erika for years, getting prenatal, sports/therapeutic, and hot stone massages. As a long distance runner, she works to keep me performing at my best. She is the best!"

~ Jistine H.


"Erika did a marvelous job meeting my needs and was very knowledgeable about her work. She was very conscientious about my comfort level and gave me a real sense of renewal and relief. Thank you for a wonderful healing massage!"

~ Roberta T.


"When I first woke up today at 5:40, I messaged Erika right away, in severe pain, literally wimpering. I had slept poorly 2 nights ago but this morning, I had almost no range of motion in my neck. Although I require more than 1 session of work, Erika very graciously invited me over for a massage (back & neck focus) and not only did she do an incredible job, but she taught me new things about my muscles, tips on self-stretching, and spent more time on me than I suspect is usual. I was in a lot of pain, and had more trigger points than I can count...it was physically healing, but also emotionally and spiritually healing as well. I highly recommend Erika and for those doubters out there who think it's not a good investment, consider a massage a preventative measure for optimal health (not just physical). Truly, your body will thank you in its response. I am becoming more convinced that it is one of the better investments you can make for a healthy mind-body connection."

~ Silvia P.


"Erika Monet is an incredibly gifted massage therapist. She is a true therapist looking to soothe the problem areas instead of just doing the same 55 minute routine. She adapts her routine to the patient needs by asking questions and factoring in both stress and physical habits. I am also a migraine sufferer. While I don't go routinely to have her treat my migraines, I do find that her work will often relieve one or bring an end to cluster headache cycle. Erika has made the difference that neither my chiropractor nor an acupuncturist have been able to do. Anytime somebody says "...massage?" - my answer is Erika Monet.
~ Emily M.


"Erika is an outstanding massage therapist. She takes time to ask about painful or problem areas and tailors each session to your needs. She is thorough, caring, and appropriate. She maintains your privacy every step of the way. Very reasonable price for the quality of the massage. Now that I know of her, I would not go to anyone else."
~ Kathy M.


"Erika did a very professional, wonderful massage and addressed all of my issues very nicely. Thank you for your caring, sweet personality! I felt very cared for and important. I really appreciate it. I felt so much better than when I came."
~ Sincerely, Janice W.


"Erika did a great job. She has wonderful energy in her hands, relates well, and has a good feel for the correct pressure; one of the better massages I've had. Thank you and keep up the good work."

~ Lyle W.


"Excellent job Erika! Feel like a new person. Keep up the good work. Had some lower back pain, but no more!"

~ Thanks, Rob T.


"Come in with a headache? Now thanks to Erika, I'm headache free today. Erika is the specialist for neck and shoulder pain. Feel like a new person today as I leave.

~ Susan R.


"Erika's massage strokes were precise and the pressure was always just right. She carries herself very professionally. Her overall technique is excellent. All her strokes were even and placed very carefully."
~ Carrie S.


"Erika provided me with what I believe is my best and most enjoyable structural massage yet! She is an awesome therapist with the brightest of futures ahead of her. I look forward to my next massage with Erika!"
~ Dale M.


"Erika was very knowledgeable and attentive to my needs. Loved the pectoral strategy. Really helped pull stress out of chest and shoulders."
~ John H.