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All Sessions are priced

as follows...

* One Full Hour $75

* 90 Full Minutes $95

*Two Full Hours $115

(Gratuity not included)

* Note all massage oils used are organic, hand-blended with a variety of herbs & olive oil. Please let Erika know if you have any known allergies. 

~ Will soon be offering CBD oil massage as well!


Therapeutic Restart Massage!

When you just need to Stop, Breathe and Receive. Calming, nurturing, intuitive massage to reset the nervous system. Perfect for those with a busy lifestyle and just want to let stress melt away. 


Structural Integration/Myofascial Release

Focuses on balancing and lengthening connective tissue (fascia). Releases painful trigger points and adhesions to improve range of motion, addresses body movement habits and alignment issues, bodywork tailored to your unique needs.

Trauma Touch Therapy

For the survivor of trauma, the awakening of full awareness and sensation may seem too explosive to risk. Trauma Touch Therapy™ is an unhurried process, allowing for a gradual, integrative release of tension and pent-up emotions. Together the Trauma Touch Therapist and client create an emotionally safe environment in which healthy boundaries can develop and trust can unfold. The therapy always proceeds on the most manageable level of exploration, with the utmost respect for the client's sensitivities and limits. Trauma Touch Therapist™ are massage therapists, but they do not apply strokes of their own accord as in typical massage. Clients decide to accept touch on their clothes or their skin. They may choose to lie down, sit, or stand. The type, quality, and location of touch is also the client's choice.  If touch is unwelcome, the session may focus on breath or movement.

Prenatal/Pregnancy Massage

Rest and Relax! Swedish massage while pregnant can stimulate blood flow (may prevent anemia). Increases muscle tone & flexibility. Stimulates lymph, headache relief, may alleviate morning sickness, reduce fatigue, backaches & leg cramps. Enhances sleep, can lessen ligament pain, and relieve aches & pains.






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